"The origin of species" and ICO-TIN – The Difference Between Earth and the Rest

November 24, 1859 “Origin of species” day was published and the world was presented with a unique theory of existence, causes of existence and processes of generation, evolution and survival of different species. Amoebas and the like are the oldest and have eternal longevity. They have been through all the ups and downs; through the rough phases presented by mother nature.

The Origin of Species was a one-of-a-kind book written for everyone, to be read and understood by everyone. He was liked and popular among all classes, be it students, researchers, scientists or visionaries. It was popular worldwide due to its neutral approach and comprehensive language. The theories are still applicable and the book proved useful for future biological and relative theoretical experiments and practical applications regarding the origin and evolution of various species on planet earth.

The relative similarity between “origin of species” and blockchain:

If Satoshi Nakamoto is the “Darwin” of the Crypto Age and cryptography is the “Origin of Species”, considering the fact that all of this exists in the very world we all live in and has a significant effect on a global scale. It was understood, albeit ultimately, by almost the entire world, but it turned out to be a popular and widely accepted phenomenon.

While other cryptocurrencies failed to survive and lost their existence to the winds of change and evolution, just like the earlier “single celled” organisms, before the amoeba. Bitcoin, being the most adapted of the species, is the “amoebae” of this relative hypothesis. It is a reason, an inspiration and a benchmark for other, more complex organisms to follow. These organisms, Ethereum for example, were introduced with a new execution concept that was ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The relatively natural principles of development, nutrition, growth and reproduction are prevalent and known to all.

The discussions, scientific and religious, over time and for a long time:

The “Origin of Species” has given rise to various heated discussions, scientific-practical and religious-orthodox, and also blockchain. The Orthodox community or the dominant religious groups at that time were not flexible enough to allow any new theories to prevail in the society they had ruled for a long time. Likewise, the financial system that has been dominant since society was introduced with money and currency is unwilling to change and has been rigid in its set trends for several centuries. Perhaps he fears the importance he might lose if his principles are replaced.

The book conspired for a long time, and this reign is popularly known as the “Eclipse of Darwinism”, i.e. from the 1880s to the 1930s. Despite all the evidence and explanations, the “origin of species” was kept from “acceptance” by those “in charge” for quite a long time. People were banned from talking about “Darwin’s theories” in public or on social platforms. The current time frame can be compared to the same reign when people could not talk about “cryptography” in financial meetings or forums related to centralized banks or finance-related social platforms, where the monopoly is the steward of the big old banks and credit companies.

Coexistence and the definition of “EVOLUTION”:

Similarly, a number of other enthusiasts appeared with new icons that turned to crypto coins on exchanges, and similar theories about the evolution of the world after the “origin of species”. Then Darwin’s theory was discovered and proved to be practical and applicable, rather useful in new biological discoveries. Similarly, the concept of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was introduced to the world. This led to a revolution by opening doors for participation, monetarily, for “non-technical” persons in the crypto world.

As before, the concept was questioned, disputed and unfortunately, due to several irregularities and initial failures in the implementation of some applications (which was although a very small ratio compared to the successful ones), the critics got a chance to celebrate.


The “Origin of Species” was later comparatively found to be almost a definition and explanation of the evolution of various species on earth. It was also explained that the difference between the habitats on earth, possibly compared to other planets, is why LIFE is probably not possible elsewhere. Darwin didn’t talk about it; nor Nakamoto, regarding the “ICO”.

International Commodity Organizations (ICOs) have been challenged as a concept by authorities and “religious” bodies around the world. These “religious” (rigid to principles and averse to change) financial systems have their own limitations. They give strict mandates for any new integration or experiment, introduction or invention within the system. These mandates are usually a dead end for ICOs these days.

To provide a window into this “dead end” for international commodity organizations, and with more explanations and integrations to this “strict mandate” policy of “religious bodies”, an ICO-TIN should emerge. To provide the necessary habitat for ICOs and make “Earth” different from other planets, ICO-TIN makes a safe gap between progressive ICOs and “religious” old financial systems.


The difference between the other planets is obviously the presence of air and water around the habitable environment. As Darwin put it, “life finds a way.” Of course it did. ICO-TIN found a way to take ICO to the next level and make things secure and mutually beneficial.

The challenges and how ICO-TIN makes a mutually beneficial platform for people as well as ICO implementation teams can be analyzed and understood in the study explained below.

The challenges of launching an ICO now are as follows:

1) A smart contract has its own limitations. It can either disclose the address to which the cryptocurrency is to be transferred, that is the unique address associated with a particular ICO, and once the address is disclosed to all or at least a large number of people who are interested in participating in that ICO, they they can always log in to make payments.

2) As long as the contract, more is considered efficient, but the more codes there are, the more gas it consumes per transaction. So it is not cost effective at all to make a smart contract long.

3) At this point, when the ICO cannot accept more than 14 transactions per second, an AUCTION situation occurs. In this situation, the set parameters encourage the transaction to take place under all possible conditions, regardless of the price of gas.

4) SPF or single point failure occurs when such a scenario is created.

5) Compliance is another article to take care of where two things need to be covered.

The first is the KYC process, which is more complex than the others because it has to be integrated with image upload, which makes the system quite exposed and vulnerable to hacking threats and malware.

The second is accounting, which again is a big task to regulate and scrutinize because there are different cryptocurrencies on the exchange and one does not want to change the payment method to a medium that one does not use often.

6) Strategy creation should be very planned and flawless. It covers three aspects, now these three aspects are defined in the traditional ways of ICO, these three ways were:

AUCTION – when a certain model judges which transaction should be prioritized, based on the fact that which transaction was supported by a higher GAS price

REWARD – the reward is usually given to participants or non-participants for introducing more people to the program or ICO. This prize was quite often the number of tokens.

GAS – gas is a very important factor when it comes to starting an ICO because there are so many transactions due and even a transaction with a very small amount is completed after spending many times the same amount of GAS.

The application and irreplaceability of ICO-TIN

ICO-TIN is the answer to all these challenges for someone who has been busy developing their technical and crypto related skills and has never been keen enough to be experienced enough or smart enough to face the challenges of the underworld market.

It’s more of a “professional” approach. Since a person is being paid to do something, he must excel at it. Anyone can cut it, but we prefer a barber because he knows the job better. This explains the irreplaceability of a professional package that is ICO-TIN.

It is an enterprise solution for launching new ICOs and provides a customized package that includes the launch and marketing of the ICO.

The solutions to the problems are as follows:

1) The smart contract will not be available for access; the unique address will never be revealed to any participant. There will be parallel and more secure ways to make payments.

2) Easier way for payments will be that through any payment method (FIAT currencies and BTC too) one will have to buy USD within the system and his further purchase will be regulated with those USD.

3) This complete system will be an “OUT OF THE CIRCUIT” program somehow integrated with the system; therefore, there will be no transactions nor consumption of GAS during the transactions made by the participants

4) Payments to be made by the system, however, will be regulated according to the periodic cost-effective prices of GAS and therefore it will be a minimum liability system for transactions to and fro.

5) There will be no auction for transactions and therefore GAS consumption will not be an issue anyway.

6) KYC and accounts will be managed in different ways with a system that will not be directly aligned with the ICO, so it will not pose a threat to the ICO if image uploads are required.

7) Accounts will be managed flawlessly by individuals and this can be done more efficiently as well.

Elevating the “origin of species” to a new level though was a challenge for biologists and others associated with it, but they could not let Darwin’s work and contributions go to waste. Similarly, it was a responsible job to carry the vision to the next generations and encourage the progressive youth of today.

Not too ambitious at all if ICO-TIN is considered the revised version of Nakamoto’s Origin of Species. It opens the way for more experiments and possibilities to combine the “two worlds” together.